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Market Data & Metrics

Insights and data for crypto markets.

Token Terminal

Token Terminal gives you the tools to evaluate and track the most promising projects.

Woobull Charts

Charts for Bitcoin and Altcoin investors, find reliable and experimental pricing models. Made by the on-chain analyst Willy Woo.

Dune Analytics

Free crypto assets analytics by and for the community. Explore, create and share key crypto metrics.


On-chain data and intelligence platform for Bitcoin.

Nansen AI

Analytics platform that analyzes millions of data points on Ethereum wallets, transactions, and smart contracts.


Best cryptocurrency prices tracker. Reliable source of information for any token.


The "crypto Bloomberg". Research, data, insights and business intelligence on crypto markets.


Cryptocurrency screener, terminal and heatmap. Useful learn section.

Scalpex Index

Social data analysis for Bitcoin market forecasting. Great tool to watch the market big picture.